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If your network includes MDs, CEOs, FDs or anyone involved in commercial property, we could give you a regular revenue stream which adds value to you and your network.

Who are we?

Reclaim Tax UK provides a value-added service to your client base by using our expertise to claim the highest possible rewards for Capital Allowances, R&D and the Patent Box tax reliefs.
If your network includes CEOs, MDs, FDs or anyone involved in commercial property, it’s more than likely that they will be eligible for these forms of tax relief. Many people are completely unaware of these schemes and how much money they could potentially claim back – our average client benefit is £79k!
All you need to do is make the introduction and we’ll do the rest. Our dedicated Account Managers will work directly with your client and ensure they only take up a few hours of their time. Once your client receives their rebate or tax liability reduction, you will receive a generous commission – and your client will reward you with increased loyalty!
We have already partnered with many top accountancy firms throughout the UK. However, our partnership opportunity is open to anyone that has a network of business owners and commercial property owners.

Why refer your clients to Reclaim Tax UK

Recurring Revenue Model

Easy bolt-on revenue stream with our generous commission structure.

Diversify your Services

Referring Reclaim Tax UK gives you a reason to make contact with clients and to increase sales.

Short Sales Cycle

Quick to sell as most of your clients will be eligible and unaware of their ability to claim. A simple explanation will often result in a referral.

Large Potential Opportunity

There is a huge pool of untapped potential clients waiting in your existing network.

Simple Introduction Process

All you need to do is make the introduction and we will do all the hard work.


Helps improve client retention. After all, you are the one who told them about the tax relief that resulted in a sizeable claim.

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