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Welcome to Reclaim Tax UK, your premier partner in specialist tax relief. With over 12 years of experience, we have identified more than £407 million in tax benefits for our clients, boasting an average client benefit of £55,000 for Capital Allowances and £75,000 for Research & Development (R&D) and the Patent Box. Our expertise spans Capital Allowances, R&D, Remediation of Contaminated Land, and the Patent Box.

Our Values

We are proud of our extensive network of specialists across the UK, enabling us to support businesses nationwide in maximising their tax relief claims. Our dedicated team comprises over 100 in-house professionals, including Surveyors, Tax Technicians, Accountants, Report Writers, and Case Managers, all committed to providing a comprehensive and efficient service.
At Reclaim Tax UK, our mission is to deliver a robust and efficient end-to-end tax relief service in today’s dynamic environment. We simplify the claims process by managing all the complexities, allowing our clients to focus on their core business activities. There are no complicated forms, legal jargon, or tax laws to navigate – just straightforward, effective service.
We invite you to partner with Reclaim Tax UK and join a business network that benefits from our industry-leading expertise and innovative approach. Our commitment to exceptional service and maximising tax relief benefits makes us the ideal partner for firms looking to enhance their financial performance and client offerings.
Together, let’s unlock the full potential of your business and deliver outstanding value to your clients. Partner with Reclaim Tax UK and experience the difference that expert tax relief consultancy can make.

Who are Reclaim Tax UK?

What is Research and Development Tax Relief?

Here we take a look at what Research and Development tax relief is and who can benefit from it.


  • What is the Reclaim Tax UK Introducer Programme?

    The Reclaim Tax UK Introducer Programme is a partnership opportunity for professionals to refer clients to Reclaim Tax UK and earn commissions. The programme is split into two options: Warm Introductions and Full Client Journey Engagement.

  • Who can join the Introducer Programme?

    Professionals such as accountants, business advisers, financial consultants, and other intermediaries who have clients that could benefit from tax relief services can join the programme.

  • What are the benefits of joining the Introducer Programme?

    Introducers can enhance their service offerings, strengthen client relationships, and create additional revenue streams. They will also receive comprehensive support, including training, marketing materials, and client management tools.

  • What is the difference between the two options in the Introducer Programme?

    ● Warm Introductions: This option involves simply introducing clients to Reclaim Tax UK, earning 10% commission on the first claim and 5% on follow-on claims.● Full Client Journey Engagement: This option involves actively managing the client relationship throughout the tax relief claim process, earning 20% commission on the first claim and 15% on follow-on claims, with an additional 5% volume bonus for generating £100,000 in revenue in any quarter.

  • How much can I earn as an introducer?

    Earnings depend on the number of clients introduced and the total fees generated. For example, under the Warm Introductions option, you can earn £1,150 for a first claim on an average fee of £11,500. Under the Full Client Journey Engagement option, you can earn £2,300 for a first claim on the same fee, plus potential volume bonuses.

  • What support will Reclaim Tax UK provide?

    Reclaim Tax UK provides all necessary tools and support, including comprehensive training, CRM tools, detailed process guides, marketing materials, and continuous support from the dedicated team.

  • How do I make a warm introduction?

    To make a warm introduction, identify potential clients who could benefit from tax relief services and introduce them to Reclaim Tax UK via email or a meeting. Reclaim Tax UK will handle the rest of the process.

  • What does the Full Client Journey Engagement entail?

    This option involves actively seeking out potential clients, maintaining close communication, assisting with each stage of the tax relief claim process, and collaborating with Reclaim Tax UK to ensure a smooth and efficient process.

  • What is the volume bonus, and how can I earn it?

    Introducers can earn an additional 5% volume bonus if they generate £100,000 in revenue in any given quarter. This is on top of the regular commission rates.

  • What types of tax relief services does Reclaim Tax UK offer?

    Reclaim Tax UK specialises in R&D Tax Relief, Capital Allowances, The Patent Box, and Remediation of Contaminated Land (ROCL).

  • How does the commission payment process work?

    Once a client's claim is successfully processed, introducers will receive their commission promptly. Regular updates on the progress of referrals ensure transparency and trust.

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